Honda CBR600F3 1995-1998 priekinis plastikas


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Honda CBR600F3 1995-1998 priekinis plastikas


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Honda CBR600F3 1995-1998 Nose Cone Fairing Kit (4 Pieces) - Unpainted

Each body kit is formed from injection moulded ABS/PPE to ensure an accurate copy of the original panels. This fairing kit is designed to reproduce the same fit and finish as the OEM parts at a fraction of the price, helping you get your bike back on the road and looking its best. Our ABS fairing kits feature all of the cut outs and mounting points required to fit directly to your motorcycle. These fairings are supplied fresh from the mould, and as such will require preparation prior to painting. Ensure you clean and prepare each panel carefully to get the best possible finish.

Key Features:

  • Injection moulded for increased strength and flexibility
  • Same specifications as OEM to ensure a precise fit
  • Supplied with all holes pre drilled for easy mounting
  • Supplied unpainted ready for priming and finishing
  • Made from ABS/PPE plastics for strong impact resistance

What's in the box?

  • Nose cone left - Replaces OEM: 64240-MAL-890 (ZB/ZC/ZA)
  • Nose cone left infill - Replaces OEM: 64581-MAL-600 (ZC/ZF/ZG/ZJ/ZD/ZK/ZA/ZB/ZE/ZH/ZL/ZM)
  • Nose cone right - Replaces OEM: 64230-MAL-890 (ZB/ZC)
  • Nose cone centre - Replaces OEM: 64212-MAL-600 (ZD/ZF/ZG/ZC/ZK/ZB/ZH/ZL/ZM/ZJ)


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Honda CBR600F3 1995-1998 priekinis plastikas

Honda CBR600F3 1995-1998 priekinis plastikas

Honda CBR600F3 1995-1998 priekinis plastikas

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